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Fadhil Kasim, the esteemed Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mr. Fadhil is a young and dynamic digital marketing enthusiast, currently 24 years of age, and a dedicated student pursuing a Bachelor of Business with Honors (International Business) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Under his visionary leadership, has flourished into a prominent digital network, comprising a comprehensive website, a vibrant Facebook page, and an engaged Facebook group. Mr. Fadhil’s passion for digital marketing and his commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the growth and success of this platform, which continues to provide valuable insights and resources to its audience.

Mr. Fadhil’s vision, dedication, and expertise will continue to drive towards even greater heights of achievement in the realm of digital marketing and business. His leadership serves as an inspiring example to aspiring entrepreneurs and digital enthusiasts alike.

Mr. Fadhil and the entire team at will continue their journey of innovation and excellence in the digital marketing landscape.